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Making a difference

We are extremely fortunate to have easy access to eyecare in this country. One tenth of the world’s population does not. See how we are trying to help and what you can do

Empowering vision

The gift of sight is arguably our most precious sense and yet millions of people worldwide are effectively blind through a simple lack of spectacles. Coates and Grute enthusiastically support the work of the pioneering eye charity Vision Action in addressing this desperate need.

Spectacle collection and volunteering

Working in conjunction with the Lions Club in Chichester, we are able to collect your old spectacles to be recycled to help those in need around the world.

In addition, Graham continues to volunteer his time and expertise to help on overseas projects. He is always happy to provide further information but don’t ask to see his photos, you may be there a while!

Life Stories

Click on the following images and scroll through the stories to gain an insight into the difference a pair of spectacles can make to someone’s life.


Nurse and Ebola survivor

Fatimata is a maternal and child health nurse aid, based at Kailahun Government Hospital, in the eastern province of Sierra Leone


Reporter and radio presenter

Momoh is a broadcaster for the Sierra Leone Broadcasting Cooperation, based at Kailahun in the east province


Optometric technician

Vision Action sponsored Patricia to carry out a one year training course in the Gambia



Patrick had been struggling as a tailor for many years, simply because his close focusing had been diminishing, making it difficult to thread a needle and see his tape measure