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Specialty eye care

In addition to our comprehensive eye examinations, we offer a number of areas of expertise

Additional Services

We offer a variety of services to supplement our already comprehensive eye examinations, whether it be dry eye therapy, myopia control or help with visual stress and eye tracking difficulties. Contact us to arrange a specialist appointment.

Visual Stress investigation

If you suffer from reading difficulties and experience distortions when looking at certain materials, particularly text, you may be struggling with visual stress.

Many children and adults benefit from using coloured overlays which, when placed over text, have been found to reduce these distortions and improve reading efficiency.

Eye tracking investigation

It is very common for eye movements to be abnormal in dyslexia, with the skipping of letters or words, losing one’s place and difficulty with visual search activities.

Tracking and evaluating eye movements allow us to study a child’s reading development and offer targeted recommendations.

Dry eye assessment

Dry eyes are a common, chronic condition that can cause discomfort, irritation, and even pain.

We provide comprehensive dry eye evaluations and customised treatment plans designed to offer relief and long term management.

We stock eye drops, sprays, lid hygiene products, as well as eye nutrients, to help you manage your eye health.

Myopia control

Myopia, commonly referred to as short-sightedness, results in distant objects being out of focus and often presents during childhood.

As there are eye risks associated with high myopia it makes sense to explore effective, safe ways of slowing down its progression.

Ask us about the latest myopia control contact lenses.